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Product Code: YIOLAT-KIT-72
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> REV. MOSES 10 TON SUPER STRENGTH POWER KIT This Lucky Kit comes with these Blessed items:

> 1.    Highest Quality Do As I Say Bath & Floor Wash 
> 2.    Blessed Orange Carrying Bag 
> 3.    Blessed Orange 10 Hour Votive Candle 
> 4.    Glass Candle Holder 
> 5.    Master of the Woods Herb 
> 6.    Highest Quality Controlling Incense – 1lb. 
> 7.    Black Cat & Horseshoe Lucky Charm Talisman 
> 8.    Lucky Yellow Gemstones (3)
> 9.    Personalized Controlling Necklace 
> 10.    Extra Strong Controlling Blessed Oil
> 11.    Parchment Paper 
> 12.    Dove’s Blood Ink Pen 
> 13.    Controlling Powder 
> 14.    High John the Conqueror Soap 
> FREE: 1 month of Prayer Work by Rev. Moses + Master Seal of Protection.

> Directions: 
> Take the Lucky Yellow Gemstones and put them inside the Blessed Orange Carrying Bag along with the Lucky Charm Talisman and a heaping spoonful of the Master of the Woods Herb. Add three capfuls of the Blessed Controlling Oil and the Controlling Powder. Close the bag and carry with you as often as possible. Use the remainder of the oil and powder daily on your body and after a bath. Add the Controlling Bath Wash to your bath or mop water and wear the Controlling Necklace while holding the blessed bag in your right hand.  Say the following prayer:

> Dear God,
> Please give me the power to control and influence others according to my will. May the power of God let the right outcome occur.  I know what is best for the situation. If others would do as I say, and obey, then all would be fine and right. Grant me patience and victory.
> . Thank You. 
> Amen.
> On the first Sunday after receiving your package, light your 10 Hour Orange Votive Candle in the Glass Holder provided. Using the Dove’s Blood Ink Pen, write your desires or wishes on the Parchment Paper, and light your candle at a quiet time. Let the candle burn at least one hour, but the longer you can burn it, the better. It is OK to re-light it for more burning, after you have already blown it out. 

> *Follow the Directions on the rest of the product labels. And use them until they are gone.
> “Ask and Ye Shall Receive – Seek and Ye Shall Find”. May God Bless You, Always!”

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