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You are in control.  The Art of Casting Spells Domination - How to Bend Others to Your Will by Anna Riva shows you how to gain command over those you desire and dominate any situation. Clear instructions help you set goals and assure success.  Take command.  Be the dominant figure in every group.  That is your goal.  This book will guide you to success.  Anna Riva is an authority with an international reputation.  She has the knowledge to direct your efforts and to aid you in becoming the powerful figure that matches your ability.  Most important, you must trust yourself, as you personalize the spells you create.  Anna Riva will be your teacher.  You, the shrewd student, will understand and master the techniques for bringing those around you under your domination.  You can expect to learn much from this book.  You must make a commitment to make things happen in your life.  Enjoy the successful outcome of your labor.  You accomplishments will be many.
32 pages

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