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Occult Grimoire And Magical Formulary: A Workbook For Creating A Positive Life

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10 BOOKS ROLLED INTO ONE! – OVER 500 SPELLS! OVER 200 OVER-SIZED PAGES! REVEALS THE MOST ARCANE SECRETS OF THE AGES This book has been written to help you obtain the power to create a better world for yourself and your loved ones with the help of common Spiritual Tools that are obtainable everywhere. The author, Maria D’ Andrea, a talented psychic practitioner proclaims: "The art of metaphysics is a very ancient one. Much of the ancient knowledge has been lost to us since it was passed down largely by word of mouth in total secrecy. Even in some privately owned Book of Shadows or Occult Grimoire, a portion of the formula has been left out or written in code so that it cannot be deciphered. This is understandable when you realize how much power and control can be wielded when the power of the occult is in the wrong hands. You must always remember that the elements of nature are neutral - neither positive or negative and that we are meant to walk in balance in both the spiritual and physical worlds.” 10 BOOKS IN ONE! Put those dusty old occult books on the back shelf, as they have been updated and rolled into one huge volume. Here are over 500 proven spiritual principles and practices – simple spells – that can improve your life by utilizing the positive flow of energy which is made abundantly available to each of us through Universal Divine Power (not a religion!). THE OCCULT FORMULARY AND MAGICAL GRIMOIRE is literally 10 metaphysical “Self Help” books rolled into one easy-to-use volume. With the help of these “books.” you will learn: 1. – TO MANIFEST YOUR OWN FUTURE DESTINY. 2. - TO PREVENT PSYCHIC ATTACK. 3. - TO USE HERBAL MAGNETS. 4. - TO DO TREASURE MAPPING. 5. - TO APPLY CANDLE MAGIC TO RECEIVE INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS. 6. - TO UNLOCK SECRETS OF LOVE POTIONS 7. - TO MIX THE BEST MYSTICAL INCENSE. 8. - TO DRAW ON THE POWERS OF CRYSTALS AND STONES. 9. - HOW PRAYER REALLY WORKS 10. – THE ONLY TRUE APPLICATION FOR RITUALISTIC OILS. Furthermore, you do not have to go out of your way to benefit from this workbook and study guide. There are no hard-to-obtain ingredients to obtain, everything you need can be purchased within blocks of your home.

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