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Genie Lamp Necklace

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Product Code: SKU: J4230D
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Price: NGN6,000 Ex Tax: NGN6,000
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This Genie Necklace grants the wearer up to 7 wishes! Finally get what you have been asking for! It Comes with the Silver Genie Lamp with Silver chain to match and complete easy to follow instructions.

                                  This Blessed Genie Lamp can work Miracles for you!!

1) Do you need lots of cash right, now? Could you use an instant money miracle?

2) Do you want to “rub” away bad luck and jinxes for good? And be lucky all the time?

3) Are you tired of the devil keeping you down and out, sick and tired?

4) Is your love life mixed-up, troubled, non-existent or in need of a quick fix? Do you need control over your love situation?

5) Do you always get real close to hitting that winning number—but you still always lose?

6) Do you wish that your sons, daughters, grandchildren or any of your loved ones to be successful and to stay out of trouble with the law & not drink or do drugs?

7) Do you have a wish — any old kind — that you would like to see come true? Just rub the Genie Lamp.


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